A stack of records at the base of a tree.

The Record Tree

In May of 2021, we moved to a new neighborhood on the north side of Ann Arbor. Around the corner from our apartment lives a magical tree – the Record Tree. In the warmer months, you are sure to find a pile of records, springing up from its roots like toadstools.

Sounds of the Record Tree: Vol 1

Cover for the Sounds of the Record Tree Volume 1 mixtape drawn by Martha Daghlian

This is the first mixtape I have made to highlight the gems that reward those who will dig through the Record Tree’s sundry produce. Given the (growing) stack of sometimes-muddy records I have brought home from it, it won’t be the last. Cover by Martha.

Municipal Xylophone · Sounds of the Record Tree - Vol. 1

Track list:

Side A

  1. Jayne Kennedy – Love Your Body Intro
  2. Steeleye Span – A Calling-on Song
  3. Cuppa Joe – Love Peace Anarchy Infinity / Archipeligo
  4. Dionne Warwick – Track of the Cat
  5. Bossa Nova – I Dream of Jeanie
  6. Marilyn Martin – Night Moves
  7. Bob Gibson – Celebrated Skier
  8. Carol Hensel’s Dancersize – I Will Survive

Side B

  1. Disneyland Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House – A Very Long Fuse
  2. I want to do it with you – Pointer Sisters
  3. Ralph Carmichael – All My Life
  4. Crystal Gayle – Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For
  5. Diana Ross and the Supremes – Reflections
  6. Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm
  7. Scarlatti: Sonata in G Major, L 209/K .455 from the Well Tempered Synthesizer by Wendy Carlos
  8. The Surfmen – Fire Goddess
  9. Kiss Me – Terri Lawrence Total Reconstrution by Lenny Bertoldo from Dance Series Issue 50 (For Professional DJs only)
  10. Porter Wagoner – I’ve Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand
  11. (hidden) Ruvin / Halfin / Irving / Sherian – You’re a Pink Toothbrush